5 Golden Weight Loss Tips That You Don’t Want To Miss

17 Oct 2019

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Radiating confidence on your big day requires not only finding the wedding dress that steals your heart but also loving the skin you’re in. Each bride’s journey to self-love is unique, and depending on your health goals, your itinerary could include shedding a few kg’s before your wedding. If that’s the case, check out our top five weight loss tips:


  1. Define your goal.

Before you get going, you must have clarity on how much you want to lose. Not sure? Then visit your GP, who can assess your current state of health and thereafter advise you on a reasonable amount.


  1. Finalise your eating plan.

There are loads of diets out there, such as paleo, ketogenic and banting– to name but a few. In order for your diet to be sustainable, it also has to be affordable and flexible. A nutritionist can compile a personalised plan for you if you can’t find a diet that works, or have dietary restrictions.

  1. Choose your exercise.

Keen to do home workouts? Try Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide or visit YouTube channels like Blogilates. For extra motivation and expert guidance, book some gym sessions with a personal trainer. Like your eating plan, your exercise should be sustainable. That’s why selecting workouts that suit your preferences and body type, is key.


  1. Create your schedule.

Fitting exercise into your day depends not on having time, but on making time. A potential way to do this is combining exercise with other activities, like meeting up with friends or walking your dog. If attending classes, try shifting other tasks to different times or days.

  1. Quit comparing yourself to others.

Your body is no one’s but your own– and so is your progress. With that said, run your race at your pace. Get it girl!

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