5 Tips on Avoiding Wedding Dress Disasters

22 Jul 2016


Your wedding day, though the most beautiful and memorable day of your life, can sometimes throw a few unexpected problems your way. Make sure your bridal dress strays far away from disaster by considering these 5 tips.

1. Don’t be the procrastinator 

With your wedding day only weeks around the corner, your dress should be waiting for you in perfect condition. Many brides have fallen into the trap of last minute bridal gown decisions. We understand the fear of gradual weight loss/gain, budget interference or pure indecisiveness, though it is important for the sake of your nerves to know that your dress is already tailored and hanging somewhere safely.  However, don’t be too hasty! Designers all around the world agree that buying a bridal gown too far in advance (we are talking many moons here) could cause other slip-ups- so stay relaxed, you still have time!

2. Avoid online calamity

Ladies, don’t compete with images on the internet. You are beautiful, and your dress should be made to suit your own body and personality- not the model online. Ordering a dress online is one of the riskiest moves you can pull. Thousands of women have fallen victim to dresses delivered in the wrong sizes, colours and even completely different styles. The chances of you getting your money back are slim, and fixing such a disaster can be pricey. Bridal boutiques offer ranges of affordable dresses from designer names such as Pronovias, Justin Alexander, David Tutera and Sophia Tolli.

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3. Stay away from stains 

Although this one seems fairly obvious, Murphy’s Law plays its own game and his rules are never very clear. Make-up, dirty hands and muddy surfaces on rainy days are the first threats that come to mind; the time-frame after the ceremony is what is often forgotten. Once the ‘I do’s’ have been passed and the guests have been fed the floor is open for festivities to start. This is where you must tread carefully around the red wine and the sticky chocolate pudding until you are wrapped up in your after-party dress with your hair down. Although you are only wearing your dress once, you want it to remain crisp and sparkling for years to come.

4. Stick to the plan

Part of the fun of planning a wedding is discovering your own style and expressing your interpretation of beauty and etiquette. Sometimes the excitement is so overwhelming that you may hit a blank and contemplate things like what your favourite colour really is or whether you prefer red velvet or vanilla. You have to keep your eye on the bigger picture when creating a wedding theme – this includes your final dress decision! Bridal stores will gladly assist you in cases of winter weddings to beachside brides, but the final collaboration is in the palm of your hands. Make sure your dress suits the environment and style of your wedding theme for a picture-perfect day.

5. Help them help you 

Although you probably already know who will join you to your first dress fitting, their job does not end here. Your second voice, whether it is your mom, sister or best friend, should have the perfect balance between honesty and understanding. They should allow you to explore your style whilst keeping you down to earth with your possibilities. Provide your helping hand with all the do’s and don’ts of dress, hair and make-up selection to prevent any surprise styles or fake smiles. Remember to keep your cool when listening to their opinions and consider their ideas wholeheartedly as they only have your best interest. We know that the self-image is often flooded with harsh criticism and stubborn opinions. Kind words are not only there for reassurance, they exist because they are true. Listen to them.

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