5 ways to break the ‘we are engaged’ news

21 Dec 2016


People shouldn’t only rely on Facebook to share big life events. Using Social media is a great way to spread word and receive applause but it shouldn’t be your first and only creative effort. Here are 5 cool ways for brides to break the news of engagement to close friends and family:

Wedding Dress Frenzy

Any lady will understand the frenzy of dress shopping. Round up the special handful of girls (mom, sisters, and best friends) for a normal Saturday brunch. Choose a location that has a designer bridal boutique near-by, and just casually stroll in. Once you see everyone is confused, whip the ring out and watch them melt with joy!

You can even use this time to book your first fitting– even if it’s still a few months away!

Plate it up

Yes, there is more than one way to use a restaurant as a cover-up. Choose a place that you’ve always loved, and ask the chef if he can prepare a dessert that announces the news in a special way. Sometimes a little bit of cliché is cute!

Fortune cookies

Have you ever made fortune cookies? They are surprisingly quick and easy to make! There are tons of recipes online and the ingredients used are simple. So, why not bake a batch of fortune cookies with a special message or photo inside and hand them out inconspicuously. It will only take a few seconds of people comparing fortunes before you get showered with love and happiness!

Facebook can be fun 

Maybe he popped the question while you two were far away from home, and you don’t want to wait until you return to tell everyone! Well in that case, at least make your Facebook announcement unique and fun. Even uploading a video message is a hundred times better than just updating relationship statuses.

Going all out

This one if for the ladies who can keep a secret for a while, because it will take some extra time and planning. Why not plan your own engagement party and make it a surprise to all your guests!? You can use another celebration as an excuse to get together and make sure no one is suspecting anything.

If you don’t have time to plan this surprise party but you like the idea of it, you can always contact an event organising directory to help with the finer details and other services. You can also just keep it low-key and gather at someone’s house for a scrumptious family lunch for celebration!

Photo by June Joubert photography