5 Wedding Dress Rules to Remember

11 Jul 2016


Shopping for your wedding dress often requires an open mind, a visual image of how you’d like to look and plenty of patience – especially if you want to find that one special wedding dress to wear. However, keep the following five tips in mind when venturing out on your quest to avoid wedding dress disasters.

1. Accentuate your best assets:

Naturally, you’d like to look as beautiful as possible on your big day, accentuating your body in your wedding dress. The best way to do that is by knowing exactly which angles look better than others. That way you can choose a wedding dress that makes you look amazing, instead of creating a wedding dress disaster you’d like to avoid.

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2. Choose the correct colour:

There are various shades of white, some matching certain skin tones better than others. It’s important to identify your particular skin tone in order to choose a material colour that’ll bring out the best in you, instead of making you look washed out. When in doubt, try on a ivory wedding dress – which flatters most complexions.

3. Match your personality:

The last thing you want is to look like a completely different person on your wedding day – someone your soon-to-be husband won’t even recognise. Do yourself a favour and choose a dress style that’ll match your particular personality, instead of venturing out which will most likely make you feel uncomfortable.

4. Always feel comfortable:

The key to looking confident on your wedding day is feeling comfortable in your chosen wedding dress. So, along with the price of the gown, choose a dress which matches your style and gives you a sense of comfort. Never choose a wedding dress which makes you feel even a little bit of discomfort.

5. Go with what you love:

Even though the opinions of your family members count, don’t go solely on what they want for you. You need to be comfortable in your own wedding dress and absolutely love it in order to choose the one. The minute you find your perfect wedding dress, you’ll feel like the beautiful bride that you are.

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