When it comes to bridal fashion, there’s a constant evolution of trends that add a fresh and enchanting touch to the timeless beauty of a wedding gown.  Here are the anticipated wedding dress trends for 2024. A Floral Story Adding the whimsical detail of 3D floral appliqués to wedding dresses will be at the front … Read more

Wedding dress hunt

Expert Tips When Starting the Wedding Dress Hunt So you want to start the dress hunt. You’re looking for the perfect dress that will make your fiancés eyes well up with tears. A dress that will take the breath away of everybody in the room- where do you start?! With the market being so saturated … Read more

Radiating confidence on your big day requires not only finding the wedding dress that steals your heart but also loving the skin you’re in. Each bride’s journey to self-love is unique, and depending on your health goals, your itinerary could include shedding a few kg’s before your wedding. If that’s the case, check out our … Read more

Who is Justin Alexander? Originally introduced to the bridal fashion world as T&G Bridal in New York City in 1946, Justin Alexander has grown from its humble beginnings to be the award-winning brand that it is today. They are known the world over for seamlessly blending vintage sophistication with innovative features. You can discover Justin … Read more

Wedding dresses come and go and trends change at an alarming rate, that is why it is so important for every bride to know what to do and what not to do when choosing a dress. Many of us only have one chance so it is important to make it count. There is nothing worse … Read more