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Wedding Dress Sleeves Ideas

When choosing a wedding dress many women do not consider what sleeves can add to their look. The couture wedding dress sleeve is making a comeback and the modern twists are simply irresistible.

The oh-so elegant mermaid gown

Mermaid Wedding Dresses, It”s the look of the early 21st century! Back in the 20th century woman chose wedding gowns with a little less shape but as time progressed we discovered the mermaid gown. This year Justin Alexander blew us away with a range of stunning mermaid wedding dresses.

Wear your original wedding dress unapologetically

We may all have different taste, but some of us like things to be extra unique. You don’t have to go to the extreme to side-step the cliché wedding dress trends! With Maggie Sottero’s wedding dresses, elegance and eccentric taste become one in the same.

How Boho & Classy Met

Wedding dress star of the month   Lace has always been famous for its versatility, so it’s no surprise that it has yet again given international designers the opportunity to come up with something new. In fact, this time, famous designer Maggie Sottero has gone as far as designing this unique dress that puts simplicity … Read more How Boho & Classy Met

Vintage Versus Retro Wedding Dresses

Let’s think about the evolution of wedding dresses: A hundred years ago, your wedding dress covered you from head to toe and your bouquet was 40cm in diameter. Some thirty years later, the style became more refined and plain silk was the way to go. Fast forward to the eighties where huge puffed sleeves, dramatic … Read more Vintage Versus Retro Wedding Dresses

5 ways to break the ‘we are engaged’ news

People shouldn’t only rely on Facebook to share big life events. Using Social media is a great way to spread word and receive applause but it shouldn’t be your first and only creative effort. Here are 5 cool ways for brides to break the news of engagement to close friends and family: