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Wedding Dress Material Guide

Different wedding dress will have an individual look to them as well as different comfort levels based on the fabric that they are made out of. When starting to look for a wedding dress it helps to know and understand the different types of fabrics used.

How to match your dress to your skin tone

When picking out the perfect wedding dress you want to make sure you feel beautiful, but feeling beautiful and looking it are two completely different things. Often wedding dresses come in many different shades of white, and rightfully so. Each white serves a different purpose to different skin tones, however, not many soon-to-be Brides know … Read more How to match your dress to your skin tone

Must-have Checklist Before Entering a Bridal Store

Wedding dress shopping is exciting! It’s a time in your life where you get to try on beautiful wedding gowns and hopefully feel like royalty. It’s also a chance to create irreplaceable memories with the people you love. However, before you decide to embark on this adventure, there’s a few things you need to do … Read more Must-have Checklist Before Entering a Bridal Store

Wedding Dress Ideas for Plus-Size Ladies

There are fabulous types of wedding dresses for ladies of all shapes and sizes, including curvy girls! This means that girls with fuller figures can do their curves justice on their wedding day! Here are the top trends for plus-size ladies on their wedding day.

Wedding Dresses – Designer Gowns

In all of the excitement and stress of planning your wedding, one of the most important decisions that you will have to make is the decision about your dress. Find Your Designer Wedding Dresses or Designer Gowns for a Fairy-tale Wedding at Bridal Manor. Each bride deserves a dress that is going to take her … Read more Wedding Dresses – Designer Gowns