Finding your Bohemian Side

03 Jul 2018

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Finding Your Wild Side

2018 has seen the rise of the Bohemian Bride and it’s safe to say that this is a trend that we will be obsessed with for a long time to come!

 The word bohemian can be defined as being socially unconventional & synonyms include, being a nonconformist, avant-garde, offbeat, off-centre, original, alternative, experimental, artistic or eccentric. In short, it’s clear that the bohemian trend is perfect for a bride looking to break some rules in order to embrace something different. The bohemian trend comes in many forms; we’ve put together a couple that we’re loving for brides everywhere.

Dainty & All Ladylike

Although this trend is a little unconventional, it doesn’t make it any less feminine or elegant. As you can see, this specific look encapsulates a more traditional silhouette but with a “twist” Whether it’s due to the inventive way the lace is used, the TYPE of lace used or the softness portrayed, this look screams feminine don’t’ you think?


Modern & Minimalistic

Who said bohemian can’t have a hint of modern as well? This clean minimalistic look still qualifies as bohemian inspired due to the strikingly innovative design used. The soft criss-cross draping incorporated in the blouson top adds to the feminine factor allowing for such a free-spirited feeling while making an absolute statement at the same time.

If you prefer you can do a the minimalistic look in the front and surprise your guests with an oppulent back as seen in the second featured dress.


Being Bold.

The use of bold Crochet, Guipiere and Alencon lace is the perfect finish to enhance this boho-look. By further combining it with a contrastingly soft fabric to allow for beautiful movement and drapeability you’ll find that you end up with a stunningly balanced bohemian look.


Sexy and Daring

Another take on this trend is to embrace the sexy side of it, boho doesn’t necessarily only mean loosely fitted & flowy. It’s all in the details & in this case the lace details. Opt for a textured, crochet lace look beautifully incorporated into a fitted design. To create an even more unique look embrace the latest off-shoulder trend for a slightly more unconventional design. The bottom line is, we’re loving it!


To further embrace the bohemian look one can look at incorporating the following accessories in your wedding attire:

Flower Crowns:

Whether you’re using fresh flowers or Pronovias’ everlasting handmade flower crowns, this dainty detail has made a real revival in the last year.



Be unconventional & pair your gorgeous bohemian gown with a complementary hat. This can be such an ideal way of down-dressing your look to create that relaxed feeling every boho-bride adores.

Lacy Headbands:

Don’t you just love this lace detailed headband as a finishing touch?

With such a wide variety of lace, colours & trimmings available these days you can be sure to find a matching one to transform your look.


A unique bouquet can also contribute greatly to this style. Here are some ideas for your bohemian look :


Add a feeling of mystery & romance with dark and bold florals, light dainty blooms or even feathers!


The Bohemian Trend is a great trend to experiment with, it’s an opportunity to try new alternative possibilities & opportunities. If you have an open mind and if you are willing to allow your consultant to guide you, you too can make this trend your own!