When in doubt- Bridal Manor will sort you out!

03 Jul 2018


Life isn’t always easy as all of us here at Bridal Manor Pretoria know so well

In everything we do we are constantly in the middle of a decision-making process. Although we are extremely blessed with endless possibilities and a vast variety of choices, brides should be cautious as too many options can easily confuse you.

During the exciting journey of your wedding dress hunt you can easily become distracted and confused. How do you really know if you’ve made the right decision? A lot of experts might tell you that it’s a feeling and a bride will just know when it is the right one, but this is not always guaranteed says the experts from Bridal Manor Pretoria.

Below are some tips to help you during the decision-making process.

What causes you to feel overwhelmed and stressed?

In the Bridal Industry, specifically here at Bridal Manor Pretoria we have noticed that there are always a few key reasons brides end up being confused and overwhelmed;

       Too many options

       Too many fitting appointments

       Too many different opinions

       Pre-conceived expectations

       Feeling torn between completely opposite styles

       Being too focussed on waiting until you get “the feeling”

How to avoid getting overwhelmed and stressed

·         Do your research and determine which bridal boutiques are reputable and have the right look and price range of wedding dresses for you.  Only book one or 2 appointments at these bridal boutiques. Read their reviews and talk to previous brides, by doing this you will save valuable time and money.


·         Limit the bridal party you allow at your fittings. The opinions of others, although important, isn’t your first priority.  Nobody knows YOU better than YOU know yourself so learn to trust your instinct. Try to bring your closest confidant to your fitting, somebody who will be supportive and who understands what YOU want! If you want to show more people, it is advised that you rather invite them to your second free consultation where you only fit a few of your favourite dresses. If you feel confident and comfortable in a dress, everyone else will notice it as well and give you their stamp of approval.


·      Make sure you approach your bridal fitting with an open mind. There is no way for you to really know that a specific dress is or isn’t the one without first trying it or something similar on. It is imperative that you allow your consultant to help you and direct you to try other shapes or styles that might suit you better. Pictures on websites can be deceiving and you never know if you might have missed out on something gorgeous.

Brides often end up incredibly happy and content with a dress that was completely contrary to what they thought they would wear on their wedding day.

·         Be considerate. Sometimes you do find brides who look flawless in every wedding dress she fits. When everything looks amazing on you, how do you decide?

We recommend taking your personality, personal style, comfort of the dress, theme of the wedding and your budget into consideration when making the final choice & deciding on your dream wedding dress.

·         If you’re still confused, take a breather, pour yourself a glass of wine and browse through the photos you took of yourself in your favourite choices. It is always good to get some perspective and then embrace your complementary second viewing where you can fit your favourite options once more. This will help tremendously in making a more informed decision.

By paying attention to these tips you will have a stress free journey, being a bride is a wonderful experience and you should enjoy every minute.