Buttons vs Bows On Your Bridal Gown

17 Mar 2016


Choosing between a lace-up or button back dress can be a difficult decision. You might see a dress’s design, fall in love, and take whatever back-style it comes with. But you will most likely sit and think deeply about what features you want your dress to have before going for your first fitting.

Lace up

The main benefit of lace-up, corseted style dresses is that they are so flexible when it comes to sizing. So if you lose a little extra weight before the wedding, or put some on which is okay too, you can simply lace the dress up a little more or less to fit you. This means that you do not have to commit to a certain size and don’t have to spend money on alterations if your weight fluctuates.

Lace up backs give a very romantic feel and are often seen on ball gowns and princess style dresses. Lace-up backs give a tight fit and clinched waist.

Button up

Button up backs create a truly vintage look that will suit 1920’s to 1950’s themed weddings. A line of buttons looks classy and elegant to the guest that will be viewing your back for most for the ceremony. Also, a button up dress is a lot easier to get into as lace up dresses require some pulling and tugging.

Button up dresses work better with accessories like jackets or boleros – so they might be a better option for a wedding in the chillier seasons.

The majority of our Sincerity designer dresses have button-up backs to suit the more vintage style of the dresses. Button-up backs fall into the popular illusion-back trend – click here to see a stunning example of an illusion back dress with buttons.  

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