Does Size Really Matter?

24 Apr 2020

Sizing Wedding Dresses

Size Sensitive?

In all the years that I have been a bridal consultant (8 years to be exact), I have seen every type of bride you can imagine. Big, small, thin, fuller-figured, medium, short and everything else you can think of.

One thing all these brides have in common is that no matter their size, they looked absolutely beautiful on their wedding day. It is amazing what a consultation with a professional and an experienced alteration team can mean to a woman hoping to look her best on her wedding day. We focus on embracing the bride’s features helping to make her feel beautiful and confident (which is key when you are saying I do to the love of your life).

Things to remember:

Sizes Differ

  • We measure your body to determine your size in a RANGE of different brands from different countries. When dresses are manufactured in different places, sizes are bound to be a little different in most cases. So don’t sweat it! If you usually wear an 8 at Woolies and your dress being ordered in a 12, don’t worry. The main goal is to make sure you look great in the dress. Nobody (should or) is going to ask you what size your dress is. If it really bothers you cut the tag off and throw it away!

Style Matters

  • The size dress we order for you is also greatly influenced by the STYLE of the dress. For example, If your measurements are as follows Bust: Size 8 Waist: Size 8 and Hips: Size 12, we may order an A-line dress in an 8 (as the bottom is not fitted and cut widely) and a fitted mermaid dress in a 12 so that it will fit well around the hips and then we can just alter the top.

Alterations are Important!

  • 99% of the time alterations are necessary. Every person’s body is unique.  Every girl’s bust, for instance, is different (some fake, some small, the left and right side of your body may differ…etc.) Think of it like this; if you are a pear shape your hips may be a size or two larger than your torso. And if you are an upside-down Triangle shape, your hips may be slightly smaller than your torso. In general, we don’t wear very tailored clothes. Most clothes you buy in-store are either made from a material that stretches, are subject to vanity sizing or are loosely fitted. Your wedding dress is not like that. It needs to fit everywhere, 100%. That is what we aim to deliver. A poorly fitted dress is a complete waste as it doesn’t do the bride justice.

Length Is Just A Number

  • Length is standard. Most brands make dresses that can be tried on by girls who are very tall because, you can always shorten it, but you can seldom, lengthen it! We have shortened every kind of wedding dress for every kind of height and it always comes out beautifully. Another thing to remember is that a good 80% of you will decide to wear heels. So even if you feel short in the dress you will gain a bit of height once you have the shoes. For the taller ladies, extra length is available, it is usually just a custom order which might only ask for a full lead time. Most standard dresses will work perfectly for a bride who is 1.85 in length, if you are taller, we simply order your dress with extra length.

In the end…

It is important to know that your soulmate will love you no matter what you wear or what size it is. Getting married is about more than that and we guarantee you that your wedding dress will be perfect if you just leave it to us- the professionals. That is why we do what we do, it is so rewarding to make dreams come true. That is why we embark with you on the “Journey of your Dreams” and offer you “The Manor Experience”.

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