A Simple Guide For Pregnant Brides

18 Jul 2019


I DUE- A simple wedding dress guide for expecting brides.

How much excitement can you handle in one day? Marrying the one you love, being able to spend & share the rest of your life with them knowing that the little miracle inside of you that you are expecting will be present every step of the way.

Are you an expecting bride? It’s time to start enjoying this fun-filled journey leading up to your big day. You can bet that there will be tears of joy, delicious cravings and loads of laughing around every corner. Your body might be changing, but it’s still YOUR most special day and your most beautiful wedding gown.

Enjoy this simple wedding dress guide for expecting brides…

  1. Voice your choice

Make sure you keep your people in the loop. The more people you have supporting you, the better. Have a party, do a big reveal, make a splash! Don’t miss out on the fun “baby stuff” while you are planning your wedding.

If you are only starting to look for your wedding dress, you can relax – this isn’t the 1920s, and you won’t be the first pregnant bride to enter a bridal boutique. You will be surprised how many designers and brands actually cater for pregnant brides. There are many styles and silhouettes available for mommies-to-be and you certainly don’t have to feel like you need to hide your baby bump under the biggest, most puffy explosion of a dress you can find.

If you have already ordered a dress, notify your wedding dress supplier as soon as you can – remember that they want you looking your best on your big day and they have the tools & expertise to help you tailor your dress to perfection. Ensure that they are aware how far along you are. Your dress might have to be altered closer to the wedding to make sure that you and your baby are most comfortable on your big day.

If you are going for a more fitted option, they might order a larger size or add a lace-up back to accommodate your growing bump.

  1. Embrace your lovely baby bump

Will you still be able to wear that sexy bridal dress you’ve been dreaming of? Perhaps. Will you look gorgeous as an expecting bride? Definitely.

Many brides think that the only wedding dress for a pregnant bride is to wear an enormous ball gown. Oh heck, no! If you want to flaunt it, your baby bump can be your best accessory. Many mermaid and fit-and-flare wedding gowns are now made in stretchy fabrics like crepe and jersey and will give you all the movability & comfort you need.

  1. Glow with the flow.

An added bonus of being pregnant will, of course, be your lovely radiant skin and healthy luscious hair. Why not compliment these beautiful features with a flowy, bohemian look? A soft chiffon or tulle skirt will certainly allow for movement and accommodate a growing tummy.

A bride looking to take away a bit of attention from her tummy might opt for a flowy dress with an interesting bodice or neckline- highlighting the shoulders and bust, moving the focus away from the waist.


  1. Dreaming of Cinderella

Let’s not forget about the little Cinderella hiding in every bride’s heart.

Nothing says ‘wedding’ like a graceful ball gown. You will feel like a princess and certainly be able to enjoy the day (and enjoy all the wedding cake you want) in a less tight, comfortable ball gown. You will have more than enough room for your bump and still look like a dream. Sounds like a win-win to me!

  1. Comfort first

Being comfortable on your wedding day should be your top priority. During pregnancy, many women experience swollen feet or ankles. Perhaps, you could consider a stylish pair of flats to complement your wedding gown. The choices are endless, and you will definitely be more comfortable and able to move. We see it time and time again: when you feel good, you look great!

Never forget that this is YOUR day. Enjoy every second as an expecting bride, take a moment to pause and take it all in and treasure your baby, family and friends you share it with.