Useful Advice For Flawless Bridesmaid Dresses

12 Sep 2016

Leane Memoire (7)

You’re not the only one that is excited for your big wedding day; the row of ladies that are so close to your heart are jumping with joy too! Here are some essential tips that you can follow to ensure that the bridal dresses tie the picture at the altar together gracefully.

 You are the bride, you are priority

  • Make sure that your own wedding dress is in order and, well, ordered. The ideal image is for your wedding dress to match the array of bridesmaid dresses in some way or another. You need to make sure that you know exactly what to expect from your wedding dress so that if any alterations need to be made, it will be on their dresses and not on yours.
  •  Instead of asking your bridesmaids what they want, ask them what they don’t want. You need to be sensitive to their body types, hair colour and skin types, but the overall decision remains yours. Getting diverse opinions and dress ideas from a group of excited ladies may complicate decisions and cloud your judgement, so rather start by hearing what will be an absolute no-go. 

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Planning promises perfection

  • Keep track of potential style and colour designs as they days go by, even if it is months before you have to start the real planning starts. Having brainstormed will speed the decision-making process up while having an album of pictures that you have saved along the way will help explain your brainstorming perfectly. 
  • Whether it is because of work, children or travel, many of us are on a tight schedule these days. Make sure you plan a dress fitting date that is suitable for all your bridesmaids far in advance to avoid the disappointment of cancellations. Incorporate a brunch or light lunch into the invitation (after the dress fitting, of course) so that no one arrives with an uncomfortably bloated tummy; no offence to anyone, but we all know how dreary it is to try on a slim fit after digging into a juicy meal! 
  • Expect at least 6 months in total for the bridesmaid dresses to reach perfection. Ordering, shipping (if necessary) and altering takes time so get ready to be patient. It is advisable to have your bridesmaid dresses ready at least a month before the wedding day to make there is enough time to take care of any emergencies.

Opting for options

  • Since you already know which styles and colours have been ticked off as a no-go, you and your bridesmaids can start exploring the various options that remain available. Individuality is important, so let the bridesmaids decide how they want to alter the length, sleeves and straps or shape of the dress to their desire. As long as the colour scheme, overall style and material remain the same the dresses will still be matching. Don’t be afraid to go crazy with diversity; it is more important that the dress at hand suits the body and character of the woman wearing it. 
  • Keep hairstyles in mind when changing the dresses up to ensure that the styles match well. Some hairstyles are more suitable for certain dress styles, and hair colour will influence the final picture drastically. Have all of your bridesmaids discuss their hairstyles with one another to ensure that no two are the same unless of course, you wanted it that way. 
  •   Lingerie is an extremely important component of a bridesmaid outfit as it can completely make or break what the ladies are wearing. Make sure that all the ladies are aware of any special bras, panties or body shapers that they may need to accentuate the beauty of their dresses.

Make your appointment for your first wedding dress fitting today and get ready for a shopping experience that you will carry with you for the rest of your happy, married life.