How Boho & Classy Met

15 Mar 2017


Wedding dress star of the month  

Lace has always been famous for its versatility, so it’s no surprise that it has yet again given international designers the opportunity to come up with something new.

In fact, this time, famous designer Justin Alexander has gone as far as designing this unique dress that puts simplicity and ornate in the same boat- understated detail, if you may. This stunning bohemian inspired A-line dress is turning heads and opening hearts worldwide!

Why we love Evan

It’s edgy, flirty and demure at the same time. How can you not love such a stunner, created from eyelet lace, inspired by floral motifs and refined with dainty scalloping? Sheer lace straps subtly flow into the V-neckline, while a sexy square-back polishes the swanky style perfectly.

Evan is derived from the Gaelic name Eóghan which means young warrior– a truly dynamic name that reflects rustic elegance at its finest. And if we think about it- warriors always have that sense of secrecy and mystery to them, don’t they? Well so does Evan- a detachable tulle skirt and neatly hidden lace pockets add great dimension to this dress design.

Evan is one of the few dress types that suits such a wide variety of heights and body types. More so,  it can be coupled with any hairstyle, from neat beehives and bobs to messy bangs and plaits. Photography wise, it will complement any setting; cute chapel on the beach, Moroccan indie under a bedouin tent, grand hotel in the centre of a Victorian garden- you name it.

With Justin Alexander, sultry has officially been polished to perfection. See Evan and Book your first fitting today