How To Make The Most Of Your Wedding Dress Photos

02 Aug 2016


The first thing that comes to mind when purchasing a gorgeous designer wedding dress is showing it off to all of your friends and family. However, you only be able to show this dress off in person once, so make sure that you capture the beauty of your dress, hair and make-up in the best way possible.

    1. Hire the best talent

Everyone knows someone who can take a good photo or 2, but not everyone understands that wedding photography is a whole different ball game. Professional wedding photographers know all the complicated technical details that will create the beautiful photos that will capture the beauty of you and your dress.

Choose a professional wedding photographer to bring out the best in your designer wedding dress.

    2. Get plenty of rest

Photography sessions can get very lengthy and impatience can lead to unnecessary moodiness. There are many reasons why you need good rest for your wedding day, but photography is one of the most important reasons. Photographers may sometimes request photoshoots before the wedding day; make sure that you are well rested for these too! Not only sufficient rest make you sit through hours of shoots patiently, it will also give you the opportunity to look fresh and radiant instead of looking and feeling haggard in your wedding album.

    3. Opt for the golden hour

The golden hour refers to sunset because this is when the lighting is your best friend. The rays and colours that are given off at sunset will help hide blemishes and annoying spots and the colours reflected will make the photo alive and packed with emotion.

    4. Establish your best side

We all have a ‘best side’, and knowing which side that is will make your wedding photos appear more naturally beautiful. Take some time to practice how to drop your shoulders and experiment with different photos to figure out which angle suits your face the most. Once you know exactly how to pose, you and the photographer will get along swell and photo shoots may go by quicker than expected, leaving you with more time to spend with your beloved friends and family.

    5. Choose comfort

Choosing a dress that you are comfortable in will save your photographer the effort of deleting tons of awkward looking shots. You are going to be the victim of 1000 unexpected photos on your wedding day, so make sure that the way that you sit, stand or walk in your dress does not make you look like an odd duckling. Your natural beauty will be reflected in the ease in which you move around freely and comfortably.