How to match your dress to your skin tone

15 Jan 2016


When picking out the perfect wedding dress you want to make sure you feel beautiful, but feeling beautiful and looking it are two completely different things. Often wedding dresses come in many different shades of white, and rightfully so. Each white serves a different purpose to different skin tones, however, not many soon-to-be Brides know this. It can be overwhelming as well – trying on different styles and shades.

You only have a limited amount of time dedicated to your dress fitting appointment, so you want to make the most of it. Wouldn’t it be nice to know before-hand which shade of white most compliments your skin tone, so you don’t waste precious time scouring through wedding dresses and running the risk of choosing the wrong one?

Skin tones come in two tones and four seasons:

  1. Warm: Autumn, Spring
  2. Cool: Winter, Summer
  1. Warm seasons have yellow undertones with green veins
  2. Cool seasons have pink or blue undertones with blue veins.

In order to choose the right shade of white, you first need to know which season you are:

  1. Autumn:
    You may have a golden skin tone which burns easily in the sun, with blue or brown eyes and brown/red/golden blonde hair.You should choose:

    • Diamond white
    • Off-white
    • Ivory
  2. Spring:
    You may have strawberry blonde/auburn hair with freckles, and light blue or green eyes.You should choose:

    • Ivory
      Tip: Stay away from white, it’ll completely wash you out!
  3. Winter:
    You’re an African, Asian or Caucasian with pale skin and dark hair.You should choose:

    • Diamond white
    • White
  4. Summer:
    You may have brown hair with light eyes, or ash blonde hair, and you suntan easily.You should choose:

    • Ivory
    • White

Now that you have the correct shade, it’s time to browse through the different Wedding Dress Silhouettes and choose your perfect dream dress!