How to Survive the Lockdown

02 Apr 2020

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Here is what YOU can do to keep the wedding planning going during these trying times.

If You Are Starting To Plan From Scratch The Following Tips Might Help You:

Looking For A Wedding Dress?

While the world is on hold you can do your research. Google search wedding dresses in the area you live e.g. “wedding dresses Pretoria” and look for boutiques near you. READ what they have to say on their website and determine whether you would like to visit them. After all, a website is one of the first points of contact between a business and a consumer therefore, if you don’t like the website, you probably won’t like the place. (Just watch out for those whose websites look too good to be true… they probably are ????)

Look at the dresses they have on their site (A good wedding boutique adds only the dresses that they have in store, on their website.  What is the use of adding a bunch of dresses to the website if you can’t view them?)  Do they have dresses that get you excited about the prospect of tying the knot? If NOT, move on!

If they don’t have all the information you require, INQUIRE! Most websites will have an email address that you can send inquiries to or a contact page- this is the ideal time to make use of it!

Important Things To Know About Wedding Dress Shops or “Bridal shops”:

  • Wedding dress lead times– How long does it take to get the dress into S.A and how long will alterations take? You need to make sure they can fall into your timeline so that you are not a ball of stress come your wedding day. Most boutiques worldwide will recommend a lead time of 8 months which will include the shipping and alteration process. Bridal Manor is one of the biggest boutiques in South African and we carry about 150 sample dresses in store. This enables us to help with short lead times due to good relationships with the designers and due to being established in the industry- we’ve been making dreams a reality for 10 years already!


  • Wedding dress price ranges– Do they have dresses that agree with the budget you and your fiancé have decided on? If not, you should consider looking for a place that offers you dresses that are within budget or you should have a look at dresses in the industry to determine if your budget is realistic.  Also, be VERY careful from whom you buy and beware of prices that are too good to be true!  If it seems that way, trust us, it is…  You get what you pay for.


  • After purchase service– Does the wedding dress boutique you are eyeing offer an alteration service or will you have to brave the unknown to find somebody willing to alter your dress? What’s more, it is incredibly important to have somebody with experience work on your dress.  Altering a wedding dress is no joke and one of the most important steps as this process makes sure the dress fits YOU 100% (even if you only alter the hemline and bust – it is crucial).


While you have the time, why not use it to save all your favourite looks and ideas for your wedding?  That way, when you are looking for décor/ venues/ photographers or wedding dresses you will know exactly what you are looking for.  Just a small heads-up – make sure it is realistic, in price and availability.  For example: If you fall in love with peonies, make sure it is in season during your wedding date – otherwise, you might end up paying a fortune for flowers that you import.

You can go to our Pinterest page for some inspiration to get you started by clicking here:

Happy pinning!

Scout Photographers

You have about 21 days to take your time and scout photographers.  So, take your time to find the one. The best way to judge a photographer’s ability and style is to look at past work. There are many talented photographers out there, so try to narrow it down to 5 (at least).

After you’ve done that, you can inquire about packages and find out which one will be able to accommodate you with your date and venue.

Organising A Venue

The first thing you’ve got to ask yourself is where do you want to get married and what STYLE wedding would you like. It doesn’t help if you want a country wedding and you rent out a ballroom in a hotel! Your venue should suit your and your fiancé’s personality, style and should be available within your means. This will ensure that you have a good, happy and memorable wedding and that you don’t feel uncomfortable on the day or stress out about costs. It’s YOUR special day, anything goes!

Changing The Plans You Had?

Call Your Vendors And Suppliers

Make sure you have contacted all your vendors and informed them about the move and your new wedding date. Determine whether they will be available or organise for a refund according to your contract.

By doing this, everybody knows where they stand, and you have the opportunity to make the necessary changes.  What to do if your make-up artist is unavailable? Ask him or her if they have any colleagues or recommendations who could possibly assist. The most trustworthy marketer is word of mouth, after all!

Take Time To Chill Out

What is happening is horrific and terrible. It sucks that you’ve had to make the sacrifices you have made.  Unfortunately, some things are just out of our control and we have to hope for the best.

So let it be and don’t allow yourself to be sad or unhappy any longer, it isn’t worth it. Adapt and move on. Choose happiness, you deserve it.

Stay Home, stay safe and just keep planning the day of your dreams.  Beautiful bride, you’ve got this!  It can’t keep raining forever, the storm will pass.


The BM Family