Low-Key Ways to bring Different Traditions into Your Wedding Dress look

19 Oct 2016


Have you ever wondered what it must be like to get married in a different country? Just imagine the cultural experience of a wedding in Spain, Jamaica or Greece. Alas, you need your family and friends by your side when you tie the knot, so staying inland is definitely the better option.

Now you may think- why not have a themed wedding then? Well, because some brides fear that it will turn out a little bit tacky, and would rather stick to a more promising wedding design. Who’s to blame, every bride-to-be should feel comfortable in knowing that her wedding will be tasteful.

How to bring cultural elements into your bridal look:

1) Have you thought about traditional material?

You can design your wedding dress on the basis of gold motives to resemble Egyptian traditions. Become a bridal goddess by choosing a wedding dress with subtle gold undertones and patterns, or even a slightly shimmered golden veil.

Or, use silk in your wedding dress to reflect Japanese wedding customs, while dainty gold accessories and other pops of bright colour in your jewellery will help bring India to the floor.

2) Maybe an interesting headpiece?

Don’t be scared away, a head piece is not always for religious purposes. Did you know that it’s an old Swedish tradition for the bride to have a garland of myrtle leaves? Imagine the beautiful hairpiece you can design by using myrtle leaves as a motif; an absolutely stunning hairstyle can come from it.  

Mongolian traditions, as another example, makes use of elaborately and beautifully decorated headpieces to express wealth and beauty. You can use a Mongolian-inspired hair piece design to top off any boho or oriental wedding style.  

3) And what about your flowers?

Look into the flowers that are traditional to a specific culture for your wedding bouquet, or even for the entire venue! Chinese brides use lilies, orchids and lotus flowers (usually pink or red) to decorate their wedding days, symbolising love, union and fertility.

Spread across the planes of Africa are other options, like the national Zimbabwean flame lily, or the dainty and rather peculiar lantana camera from Mauritius. There are many traditional African flowers from many different countries that will create an exotic ambiance you wedding design style.

There are many designer wedding dresses that are inspired by elements from all around the world, any bride is sure to find a bridal gown that hints at rich and culture wedding traditions.

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