Matching Your Skin Tone With Your Wedding Dress

23 Sep 2016


We live in a day and age where a wide variety of choices bombard us around every decision-making corner. Some people believe that the fewer choices you have in life, the easier your days run. However this may be true, the wedding world can take the element of choice variety to its fullest advantage.

The wedding dress tradition is to keep it white. But what does white really mean? Is your ideal white more of a cream, beige, ivory, seashell, cornsilk or eggshell white? What about the champagne, antique, snow, cotton, honeymilk, pearl or baby powder white? The list is never ending. Follow the tips below to discover which undertone will best suit the white that you choose for your beautiful bridal gown.

Fair skin 
Fair skinned brides should be careful not to choose a dress colour that will make their skin look washed out in person and in photos. Therefore, it is best to stay away from bright and bold white tones and rather look for something with a blue or silver undertone.
Nightingale wedding dress by Sophia Tolli is an excellent example of a dress that suits fair skin. 

Pink undertone 
Brides with pink undertones need to be matched with a wedding dress shade that is soft and subtle to complement their delicate looking skin. Pastel shades work best with this skin tone, whereas a soft dove grey or muted blue undertone can also work wonders.
Wedding dresses by 
Justin Alexander have a variety of pastel coloured wedding dresses fit for a princess. 

Yellow undertone 
Yellow undertones are easy to play around with because your skin blends well with different shades. Neutral and nude colours will make the glow of yellow undertones pop beautifully. A yellow undertone also allows space to play around with soft greens and golds.
Pronovias has a beautiful selection of nude and champagne dresses for you to choose from.

Dark undertone
Bronze skin tones can go for ecru shades and can incorporate spots of gold into their wedding dress or accessories easily. Bronze skin tones also match well with peach or amber colours. Very dark skin tones have the luck of being able to wear pretty much any shade of white, though it is recommended to stay away from ivory or champagne shades that have yellow undertones.
Sweetheart designer wedding dresses have a great style selection of crisp white wedding dresses.