Must-have Checklist Before Entering a Bridal Store

15 Jan 2016


Wedding dress shopping is exciting! It’s a time in your life where you get to try on beautiful wedding gowns and hopefully feel like royalty. It’s also a chance to create irreplaceable memories with the people you love. However, before you decide to embark on this adventure, there’s a few things you need to do in order to make finding your dream wedding dress a success:

  • Make an appointment:
    It’s absolutely crucial to make an appointment ahead of time to avoid embarrassing walk-ins. Once you have successfully booked a fitting, you can start getting the rest of the checklist together.
  • Have a set budget:
    Knowing how much you’re willing to spend on a dress will eliminate precious time wasting. As dresses can vary in prices, from affordable to the equivalent of a down payment on a new car, you need to know the maximum amount you’re willing to spend on your dream dress – as you can easily blow your wedding dress budget following your eyes instead of your bank balance.
  • Research which shade of white suits your skin tone:
    On your wedding day, the last thing you want is looking washed out. Each shade of white serves a different purpose and may or may not suit your skin tone. By finding out ahead of time which season you fall under, you can spend all your time during the appointment trying on shades that will bring out your natural beauty.
  • Choose your entourage wisely:
    Having support and an extra opinion is great if you’re feeling a little bit lost, but choose wisely. Some people are very opinionated and lose track of the fact that it’s your special day. Make sure you have people you trust who will give you honest opinions but who’ll respect your final choice.
  • Do your make-up:
    Although you don’t need to go full-out on this one, you want to at least slightly look the part to have a better idea of what you’ll look like on the day. You don’t want to go straight from a gym session to a wedding dress store and choose your perfect dress – you won’t have the full effect you rightfully deserve.
  • Save photos of your favourite dress styles:
    It’s definitely a good idea to keep an open mind when trying out different wedding dress styles, however, it’s also no use trying on a style you absolutely hate. You may look amazing in it, but you want to feel pretty as well. By eliminating the styles you hate, it’ll save you time trying on styles you actually find appealing. Which could lead to finding your dream dress on the first try. It’s not impossible.
  • Bring a great attitude:
    It’s a moment you want to remember your whole life. Although trying on dress after dress may seem like a hassle to some, think of it as a step closer to marrying the man of your dreams. Enjoy the complimentary champagne, embrace a few laughs with your entourage, and have the best time of your life finding that one perfect dream dress you’ll remember for the rest of your life!