Plus Size Perfection

29 Jun 2020

plus size bride wedding dress

We all have insecurities and know that you might feel pressured to look a certain way. But we are here to tell you that no matter what your measurements are or what the number on the scale says we have a dress that will make you feel wonderful! We all know those standard “problem” areas that can sometimes be a bit of a headache.  But luckily, with the right professional guidance, at Bridal Manor, your journey should be a smooth one.


The time of obsessing about being a size zero is long gone and society now praises the bold and curvy – a.k.a NORMAL size.  It is also key to remember that UK/US sizes may differ from what you buy in a retail store in SA.


These days there are many beautiful plus size styles to choose from.  The key to finding “The One” is finding a wedding dress design that flatters every part of your body, especially parts that might be causing a bit of concern. Remember, the dress you wear on your wedding day will be on all your photos and will always remind you of your special day. Hence the reason we refer to wedding dresses as “THE ONE”.


Follow these tips to make sure you embrace the best parts of you! At Bridal Manor we have many plus size wedding dresses just for you.


If you are on the short side, too much volume can make you look even shorter. Rather try on a few sheath-styled or fitted dresses that will elongate your body. There is a big miss conception among brides-to-be that the more you layer, the skinnier you’ll look. They can’t be more off.  We suggest you rather wear something that fits than to try hide under layers. In fact, layers are the only adding to the size of your curves!

You can also opt for a long veil that will draw the eyes down instead of a short veil that will look bluntly cut off and add to the short factor. Sincerity 44054 is the perfect wedding dress to create the illusion of length, pair it with some comfy heels and you won’t believe how beautiful you will look!


If you have broad shoulders, adding a strap can be very flattering to break the broadness and to not draw attention to the shoulder area. An off-shoulder gown is also a winner as this draws a lot of the attention to your beautiful collarbones. The off-the-shoulder straps on the plus-size Sincerity 44075 will soften the shoulders while the flair in the skirt will balance out the broadness of the shoulders.

44075 Plus Size Plus Size Dress


If you are quite “hippy”, and you don’t want to flaunt it, choose a dress with more detail at the top and less at the bottom. This will draw attention to your upper body and hide your hips. Sincerity 44170 is the perfect dress to do this.  This dress also creates a focal point at your beautiful waist, making you look extra slim.


44170 Plus Size Wedding Dress  Plus Size version 44170

If you have a low set tummy, an A-line gown with a bit of beading at the bodice will work best for your body type. You can also opt for a belt or a bit of detail at your waist to emphasise the smallest part of your waist. Allure Women 432 offers the best of both.


If your tummy is high, an A-line dress might make you look pregnant. Rather go for a dropped-waist dress with a built-in corset that will pull everything in. This will create the illusion of a smaller waist while complimenting your gorgeous curves. Sincerity 44127 is an elegant dropped waist A-line gown that will flatter the high tummy body shape and create a beautiful waist as well.

If you are blessed with a larger bust, watch out for the strapless dresses as they might make you feel extremely uncomfortable.  Dresses with a strap or sleeve will give you the support that you need. The classic V-neckline is also very flattering for ladies with larger breasts. Sincerity 44080 will keep the girls where they need to be!

44080 Plus Size

If you have big arms, don’t necessarily try to hide them by covering them up with sleeves. Depending on the fit it might draw attention to your arms. Instead, opt for thin or simplistic straps. Sincerity 44109 has beautiful thin lace straps to do just the trick!

Plus Size Crepe Wedding Gown

If you do feel like adding sleeves, have a look at Lillian West’s 6422. This dress has stunning sleeves with lace but will not draw all the attention away from the rest of the dress.  It is simplistically and elegantly done.

6422 Plus Size Dress  6422

Bridal Manor’s general rules for curvy/ fuller figure brides:

  • Don’t be afraid of fitted wedding dresses. Most brides like to show off their stunning curves. Flaunt what your momma gave you!
  • Try something out of your comfort zone. Don’t stick to a certain style, rather try on at least three different shapes to get started. Once you decided on the shape, you can discuss the finer details.
  • Don’t order a dress that is smaller because of your weight loss goals. Rather order the right size and alter the dress if needed. Remember it is easier to make a dress smaller than to make it bigger… Our alteration team has more than 15 years’ experience and that is why they can alter the dress to 100% perfection, so don’t stress about the size.
  • Be realistic with your expectations of how dresses will fit you when you try on dresses. You won’t look like a girl in a picture, and you don’t want to.  You need to look like yourself and the girl your fiancé wants to marry!
  • Only invite 1 or 2 close family members or friends that are supportive and really understand your style. “3 is a crowd.” Too many guests can confuse you and easily cause the fitting to take a turn for the worst. Our stylists are trained to help you and give you expert advice.  With too many in the crowd to entertain, we struggle to do our job.
  • Ultimately, go with the dress that YOU feel most confident and comfortable in. When you feel like you found the perfect dress, no rules count.  There is nothing as beautiful as a confident bride on her wedding day! Who cares what anyone else thinks anyway?


In conclusion, just be YOU because THAT is your superpower!

BRIDAL MANOR, Journey to your dreams.