Question 10. What is the difference between imported wedding dresses versus custom made wedding dresses?

04 Oct 2012

Wedding dress boutiques who import offer you the service of fitting a carefully selected variety of sample gowns chosen from different international designers. If you find a dress perfect for you we’ll order the size dress for you closest to your measurements and colour preferences. Minor adjustments can be made to your dress and in-house alterations will be done to ensure your dress fits you perfectly. Importing your gown from an established boutique that is authorised to do so is a safe option as you know exactly what the end product, – style, fit and fabric-, will look like.

Custom made gowns on the other hand is hand made by South African designers or by international (often China) factories; in this case the bride provides inspiration and ideas of the dress she prefers where after the designer will then make the dress according to her specifications.