Must know 2018 wedding dress trends

26 Jan 2018


In 2018 there are a few wedding dress trends that are going to be taking over the Bridal Industry. Here is our lowdown on all things bridal that you should consider for your big day. We’re talking plunging necklines, belts, lace, and even two-tones…

Stripped Down Corsets & Plunging Necklines

Showing a little skin has never looked this good! Think bodices that are made out of crystal tulle and lace detailing, all of which is strategically placed in all the right places so that it blends in with your skin.
The Dalia, Dadiva and Drift gowns are shining examples of this daring trend, and if your vision for your dress includes a beautiful optical illusion – you need to fit these Pronovias 2018 collection gowns.

  DALIA by Pronovias                                                         DADIVA by Pronovias                                                         DRIFT by Pronovias

DALIA by Pronovias

Bolder Off The Shoulder

A woman’s décolletage is arguably one of the most feminine parts of her body. You can show off this gorgeous feature by wearing a wedding dress with an off-the-shoulder sleeve. Be the first bride you know to embrace this stunning new trend with the Dante, Dracma and Raciela gowns from Pronovias 2018.

DANTE by Pronovias                                                     DRACMA by Pronovias                                                   RACIELA by Pronovias Atelier


Subtle Two-Tones

Who said that a wedding dress should only be one colour? This year, colour blocking is back in a big way, but mostly in subtle nudes and different shades of white and ivory. This trend creates illusions that will not only make you look slimmer, but will also add an element of surprise to your wedding gown. International designer Nicole Spose is definitely embracing this look, and you should too!


                            AMARA by Nicole Spose                                                 BELLA by Nicole Spose                                           MEADOW by Nicole Spose

Cut Outs Are In

Whether this trend compliments a plunging neckline, dramatic low back or even side cut-outs, we LOVE it and we want it everywhere! Cut outs can either be open, covered in crystal tulle or covered in lace and beads. It is the perfect way to show a little skin, yet preserve the element of elegance and class. Make sure you embrace this trend by trying on the Dakar and the Druna gowns from the Pronovias 2018 range.

                           DAKAR by Pronovias                                                         DRUNA by Pronovias


Timeless Classic Silhouettes

They say that style never goes out of fashion, and that is why it is comforting to know that the classic silhouette is making a comeback in 2018. Wearing a classic style wedding dress will ensure that you never have to look back at cringe-worthy photos. Instead, you will be able to look back at a timeless, stylish, younger version of yourself that your future children will be proud to know. If you are a fan of keeping things classic – we recommend these gowns from Sincerity. We guarantee that you will be fashionable for years to come!

                      4026 by SINCERITY                                                   4008 by SINCERITY                                                     3946 by SINCERITY

Clean-Cut Distinctive Silhouettes

What is more striking than a wedding dress with plenty of detail and intricate lacework? Going for something completely opposite to that! Make a striking entrance at your wedding with a clean silhouette made from sleek Mikado Satin and Crepe. This trend compliments a bride in such a unique way, ensuring eyes on her during the whole day! If this is what you have in mind, be sure to have a look at the Raim and Delfina wedding dress styles from Pronovias 2018.


                      RAIM by Pronovias Atelier                                                 DELFINA by Pronovias

Opulent Lace With Grace

This is a very classic look especially for rustic and bohemian brides. If you are a lace lover, opt for a thick embroidered lace that will take your look to the next level! Mesmerise your groom (and guests) with this lovely trend by trying on the following dresses from Jusin Alexander.


                 8961 by JUSTIN ALEXANDER                                        8921 by JUSTIN ALEXANDER                                8959 by JUSTIN ALEXANDER


High necklines

Because sometimes less is more…

Covering up can create a sexy and alluring look on your big day, especially if you want to leave something to the imagination! High necklines come in all shapes and sizes and can be worn in so many ways. This gorgeous trend can be embraced in one of two ways. You can either opt for the romantic lace illusion neckline as seen on the Draconia and Drisara gowns, or the elegant and sophisticated boat neck done in Crepe/Mikado satin as seen on the Rua gown from Pronovias 2018.


                        DRACONIA by Pronovias                                                       DRISARA by Pronovias                                                       RUA by Pronovias


Bold Bodices & Simple Skirts

Another gorgeous trend making its appearance in 2018, is heavily detailed bodices combined with minimalistic skirts. Whether it’s lace, embellishments or floral finishes, we adore them all! What an excellent way to embrace those close-up shots. This bold contrast can be seen in the striking Ramir and Danka gowns by Pronovias 2018!

                            RAMIR by Pronovias Atelier                                                DANKA by Pronovias


Feature Backs

Dramatic feature backs are in full bloom this year! Think lace illusions, fully beaded patterns and plunging V-backs – all designed to make a statement. Find your ideal feature back by choosing from the countless options Pronovias has to offer! A couple of our favourite dresses embracing this trend is certainly the Dril, Dalas and Rachel gowns by Pronovias!

                  DRIL by Pronovias                                                               DALAS  by Pronovias                                                        RACHEL by Pronovias Atelier

Cascading Ruffles

Looking for a gown that is full of fun? Want to make a statement? Then this is a trend you don’t want to miss. Take centre stage by opting for a dramatic, yet ultra-feminine ruffle look! Whether it’s soft toned-down ruffles in a bohemian inspired look or voluminous layered ball gowns – be sure to keep an eye out for this playful style.

               8915 by JUSTIN ALEXANDER                                    8951 by JUSTIN ALEXANDER                                    9871 by JUSTIN ALEXANDER SIGNATURE



Belts are back and you won’t believe what a difference a tied ribbon, embellished strip or encrusted belt can make! We love belts because they transform your look by adding that finishing touch. Besides, it creates that beautiful Marilyn Monroe cinched waist every girl dreams about! Take your look from ordinary to extraordinary with one of these beautiful gowns.

                 9903 JUSTIN ALEXANDER SIGNATURE                       8933 by JUSTIN ALEXANDER                                  8924 by JUSTIN ALEXANDER