Wedding Undergarments

03 Jul 2018

Wedding Undergarments

Wondering what to wear underneath your wedding dress? We’ve listed a couple of tips & tricks just for you!

 A common question most bridal consultants gets asked is “what on earth do I wear underneath my wedding dress?” Lately trends have been leaning more & more towards the concept of “less is more” & in this case I don’t necessarily mean simple & sophisticated, but rather, literally the less coverage, the more on trend you are.

That being said, there are surprising ways of embracing the nude illusion trend whilst doing it in an elegant & graceful way. We’ve seen a lot of dramatic plunging necklines, low feature backs, side cut-outs, sheer bodices etc. Initially, these new trends caused for some concern with regards to practicality however, we’ve become experts at embracing these daring yet beautiful trends while still ensuring that you can walk down the aisle with confidence, knowing that the girls are in place & you don’t have to pretend that you aren’t wearing any underwear just to hide a couple of panty lines.


                                                          Emily by Pronovias                                                                                                                                 Morocco by Pronovias  

Introducing: The Latest Side Cut-out trend, can I still wear underwear?

The answer is yes! Pronovias has always been the trendsetters in bridal fashion & even when it comes to underwear they’ve managed to set the bar. Following Pronovias’ latest 2019 trends they’ve had to come up with an innovative solution for invisible underwear & we adore what they’ve been able to come up with. Brides to be, we’d like to introduce to you, the “Stanga”.


                                        Estima by Pronovias                                                                         Morocco by Pronovias                                                                     Enelsa by Pronovias

It’s made of a soft seamless fabric in the shape of a triangle which is connected to a heart. The top of the triangle and the heart is lined with the same sticky silicon material you’d normally find on a stick-on bra. It’s worn by sticking the top of the triangle onto your bikini line and the dainty heart is then stuck on just below the small of your back to keep the Stanga in place. And voila! say goodbye to panty lines & bring on the latest trends! This means you won’t have any panty lines on either side of your body & you don’t have to consider the possibility of going commando. Can you imagine having to keep that secret to yourself throughout your entire wedding?



If you’re wearing a wedding dress that falls closely to your body, choose the colour of your underwear wisely. A lot of brides might think that white is the answer however, they couldn’t be more wrong. Surprisingly enough, even black is less visible underneath white than white against white. The best colour you can opt for is a nude/flesh colour. This blends in beautifully with your skin tone & will be effectively invisible to your guests.


When choosing your underwear, as tempting as those gorgeous lace lingerie pieces can be, it’s something to be embraced a little later in the evening. When it comes to your wedding gown, ensure that you stick to something as plain as possible, especially if you’re wearing a tight fitted gown as any lace patterns, bows, ribbons or elastic will spoil the flawless look you’re trying to achieve. Rather opt for something seamless & in this case embrace the literally – “less is more” trend with a G-string to minimize your chances of distracting panty lines. Also on the up-rise, are brides making use of shapewear to create that flawless end result. For a lot of brides it can be the perfect solution so just be sure to stick to the same guidelines namely, something seamless, nude & plain. Another hint to remember is to keep the height of the back of your wedding dress in mind when choosing shapewear, we don’t want our sexy shapewear secrets revealed to the world as you walk down the aisle.


Keep in mind that most wedding gowns are designed with additional support already incorporated & built into the dress, therefore in most cases no bra is needed. It does however all depend on the end result wanted. If you’re happy with a natural appearance the initial support built into a gown will most likely be sufficient for you. Alternatively, if you’re aiming for a little cleavage then you might want to ask your alteration expert for additional padded cups or to incorporate a strapless bra into the dress for a little extra lift if the dress allows it. If your dress still doesn’t give you the support needed, do not fear, stick-on bra’s are here & they’ve made a come-back in a variety of options. These days stick-on bra’s are available with added wiring & a plunging V shape to minimize the chances of it showing with low necklines whilst still offering you the support you need, what more can a girl ask for?


Hopefully these hints & tips will help give you the confidence you need to wear your dress with poise and to be the beautiful bride you’ve always dreamed of being.


                                                                                                                                         SIN 44054 by Sincerity