Yolandé van Tonder

29 Mar 2014

To all the special ladies at Bridal Manor

“Where there is kindness there is goodness. Where there is goodness there is magic.”

Since I was little I have dreamt of the perfect Cinderella story, the Prince Charming, the glass slippers, the ball, the dress and my very own fairy godmother. Needless to say when I found my prince I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of that very special person, who would make it all happen and magically transform me into Cinderella.

Okay I know that beauty comes from within and I know I’m to old to believe in fairy godmothers, but I really want to take this opportunity to just say thank you! To all the ladies that played a part in helping me find the perfect Cinderella dress, to those who spent hours listening to me babbling on about my wedding day and more hours doing alterations, whilst still being the most perfect fairy godmother team any girl could ever have hoped for. You made my day magic long before it even started! My dress was perfect, fitted and absolutely stunning! Words will never be able to express my gratitude towards each of you! Thank you for being part of my little fairy tale!!

Yolande van Tonder